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Tasked with bringing life to a barren world can you intelligently design a balanced ecosystem? It is up to you to create species of plants, herbivores and carnivores but ultimately how much control do you really have in an ever evolving ecosystem?

Intelligent Design is a simulation sandbox god game with fully simulated genetics and evolution. You control a futuristic drone from an unremarkable cubicle in an unremarkable office building. Send requests for new species and buildings to help develop an ecosystem on the landscape in front of you. At the same time as creating the ecosystem you need to study it. Build research stations to generate science and unlock the secrets of the genetic code.


  • Fully modeled genetics which govern creature behavior
  • Genetic crossover through breeding
  • Genetic mutation caused by radiation
  • A climate model which tests the robustness of your plants
  • Invest in genetics research to unlock new abilities
  • Online leaderboards

There is no auto-save in this version manually save and load with the system menu.

Screenshots of Alpha 6

Despite simplistic graphics the underling model is quite intensive, a mid range gaming PC is recommended. To date I've made $132.49 from purchases (big thanks to everyone who has contributed) which has been used to implement the first stretch goal. Future earnings are going to be used to expand the soundtrack...


Alpha 13 introduced music into Intelligent Design. The single track was created for the game by MIDIEvil Studios. Raising enough money through sales will allow me to work with MIDIEvil to expand the soundtrack.

Some shots from a long play through

Follow me on twitter @DrSeanWalton for more information or contact me by e-mail seanwalton.dev@gmail.com. Feel free to monetize any videos/streams of this game. I have made a wiki page on GiantBomb if you need it.

Discuss the game in the forum here at our subreddit r/IntelligentDesignGame/ on the indieDB page or on the incremental games plaza.

Intelligent Design: An evolution sandbox Intelligent Design: An evolution sandbox

Mac and Linux versions are untested by me, I just compiled them using unity. Any issues post them in the forum below.

Update 16 Release Notes (02/10/2016)

  • Further performance improvements
  • Plant size now updates correctly if you change the genetics
  • Resource buildings now have displays telling you how much resource they are generating

Update 16b Release Notes (07/10/2016)

  • Fixed a memory management issue which was limiting the number of seeds which could coexist at one time
  • Reduced initial loading time


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